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About Isolthermics

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The best solution

Isolthermics Company Australia Pty Ltd, now in our 2nd decade of supplying major Australian businesses with:

  • Specialty metals and alloys for industrial processes with emphasis on resistance to corrosion and high temperature degradation.
  • With over 35 years of industry experience, we're here to make the job of Purchasing and Procurement staff easier and faster by providing TOTAL RELIABILITY in timely and accurate supply.

What our customers say.

“When it comes to speciality metals and alloys, Isolthermics are the only people in Australia to use. Isolthermics look after us – every time.”
Glenn Field – Incitec Pivot

“Isolthermics have always met any challenge that we have thrown at them. Our questions always get answered and the right expertise is always applied when needed.”
Homer Cambieras – ACIRL

“I find Isolthermics business ethics and reliability second to none.”
Matthew Ellis - Metal Components Australia

“We always rely on Isolthermics when we need exotic or difficult to source materials. We can satisfy our customers, some of Australia’s largest companies, because we can depend on a supplier like Isolthermics.”
Lee Sawyer – Specialised Gaskets

“Of the thousands of suppliers that I have dealt with, Isolthermics would be in the top five.”
Ian Smith – Incitec Pivot